www.myspace.com/chasingmae or www.facebook.com/chasingmae

Chasing Mae are a five piece POP PUNK/ALTERNATIVE band from Middlesbrough, UK! Born in March... Chasing Mae have spent the last 5 months rehearsing, writing, recording and planning out their upcoming shows which are due to being September 2010! .

"We just want to play and ensure that people who come to our shows have the time of their lives! As long as they are bouncing up and down with a smile on their face... then all our hard work will have been well worth it! We are influenced by some of the biggest main stream bands to date whether they be American or British. All our influences are or will have an impact on all our songs and we want to share that with all our friends, family and any fans we've made or will hopefully make! Hopefully you guys will also give us a chance and enjoy our music! Thanks so much for any support you give us! Much love <3"

The five lads are ready to start gigging and although they have not yet started... the feedback they have received based on their demo's, personalities and attitude towards music has been astounding! Maybe you will think the same! Let's have a look at what these 5 boys look like:

Ben Vickers - VOCALS (FAR LEFT)
Adam McQuillan - LEAD GUITAR (LEFT)
Jake Carr-Smith - BASS GUITAR (RIGHT)
Patrick Boyd - DRUMS (FAR RIGHT)

They're pretty good. I like Enemies the best, but Little Miss Juliet is also kinda catchy. Good Luck to you!
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Doesn't sound like anything new or original. You guys look and sound like every other pop-rock band out there, whether that's a good thing or not is up for you to decide I guess.
A lot of pop punk/alternative bands sound exactly the same... its the way they approach it that makes em different
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