Ok, so heres my first one

Song 19
It doesnt really have much. Just built around a riff thingy I came up(im horrible at it).
The drums are good I think... The way I like it. No solo yet... Sorta but it seems kinda weird...

Song 20
Its a slower song. Not so much to it, basic as it comes(I think). The drums are decent, guitars are too, nothing crazy. Tried a little piano thing...idk how it sounds to you guys.

Just tell me what I should change, or rate them and explain why you gave em a rating. If theres anything you think would make it sound better, show me.
Also, what kind of genre would you say it would be?
Song 19.gp5
Song 20.gp5
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Song 19 sounds kind of like A7x to me. The verse 1 riff is generic, but still, pretty good. The pre-chorus, again, nothing original, but it isn't a bad riff. The drums are quite bland though, it's just BOOM CLAP BOOM CLAP so far. The double-pedal blast thing in bar 10, cut down on the cymbals, or just go to a ride (number 51) for those last 6 cymbal hits in that bar. I liked how bar 12 had the pause at the end, my only problem is the drums so far really. The chorus is just full of Avenged Sevenfold-ness. Damned catchy aswell, great work. Again, drums are my only issue. The bridge, sounds bland as it is. Vocals would help fix that though, maybe also try layering some suttle lead parts there on it. The solo, was just pure wank. I didn't enjoy it. The fast run in bar 51 just sounds bad, it's almost like you're deliberately trying to use outside notes. Which is fine and all, but where you're using them dosen't really sound right.

Overall, not the most creative song, but it's alright. 7/10

I'll go over you're other song some other time. Until then, I might post an update with some ideas of drum stuff you could do. I do this quite alot in this forum, as alot of people have very little knowledge of drums, and will often ruin a perfectly good song with silly drums (I'm not saying these drums are ridiculous, I've definantly heard much worse on this forum, they're just lacking a certain something).

Care to give mine a listen and say what you think?
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As Carl said, Song 19 has Avenged Sevenfold screaming all over it.

The riff was, well, riffy but bland. The chorus remained catchy and I liked the lead during it. I think you should play it an octave up, however, as it'll give it a more chirpy sound, and perhaps add keys or something aswell, give it some cheese.

I think you should clean the solo up, and add some more variation and creativity into the songs structure and some components (such as drums and the bass).

After listening to song 20, there were parts I was tempted to just skip ahead.
I think you should either shorten the verse, or switch up the breaks before them abit. But, since I don't know how you plan to add lyrics to this, I can't really ask you to remove a whole verse.
I did enjoy the piano during the verses, however, so, done well with that.

I think you could add some lead to the chorus. Maybe half way through chorus 2, following the bar with octaves, you should keep the octaves going so it's not so bland.

Speeding it up a tiny bit might not hurt either, it feels like it just drones on. Again, add some variation to the song, rather than sticking to simple formula. The song would definitely benefit from some lead with it, but it has the potential to be a nice song, so keep working with it.

If you fancy giving any of my songs a listen or critique, they're in my signature, the top one being my current one.