what motivates you to keep playing guitar and living life?

I need some motivation to keep playing guitar and living life, help would be cool,
All view points accepted.
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I cum blood
never gonna give you up,
all fap together
to 2 girls 1 cup?
You're a bassist, well you're going to need extra motivation.
What about..

I actually have no idea, sorry TS.
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Listen to Eye of the Tiger. Just do what YOU want, and have fun.
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Ts its fine if you haven't been able to keep playing guitar. I haven't either, a break is always good. If you want to do something then do it.

If not now then when?
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What motivates me to keep playing the guitar or any other instrument is the fact that every time I pick it up, something new, some new melody or riff that no one has ever heard before. Every time you pick up your instrument something new and exciting can happen. Thats why I keep playing.

As for life. Find things you like to do and pursue them, who cares what they are. Don't sweat the small sh*t and just have fun. Life's too short.


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Well, when I am really demotivated at playing guitar I just thing about my goals as a guitarrist (becoming a teacher and be able to play whatever I want), after that, I picture myself while teaching someone or playing something really hard. Then I realize that only practicing hard, playing a lot and having fun with guitar will allow me to get closer to my goals.

Well, that motivates me quite much.

Never thought about applying that at life...

Well, if you don't have any goals in mind why would you even bother playing guitar.
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try playing different kinds of music, i never like playing until i learned metal

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Don't get stuck in a niche of just one genre. I started off playing punk then I moved to metal. Now I primarily play blues and I'm starting to get into jazz-fusion.
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Think about what made you start playing in the first place, get back that initial feeling you had when you picked up a guitar for the first time.
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You need a crutch to live life man. You need the love of a good woman, or good friends, an addiction, a place to be. I have my crutches, and I fall to pieces without them.
I keep playing guitar because, some day, I want to be a really amazing guitarists. If that's what you want for yourself, TS, that should be your motivation.

As for life, I'm not sure I can help you there.
Cheers guys, I feel i've gotten my motivation back. I had a Jazz Guitar lesson today, and my teacher put on this jazz fusion song, and it reminded me of progressive metal, really reminded me of between the buried and me. haha.

I think i'm gonna have a break and listen to music Jazz dubstep etc haha.

And the fact that you guys were serious makes me feel better.
Hugging thread maybe..
And Me being Christian and believing in God motivates me. (just thought i'd mention..)
Yeah i thought i'd add that one in, I was having a lame weekish when I posted this thread.

Thanks guys much love.
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I need some motivation to keep playing guitar and living life
consider the alternative. very motivating.
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well everything you guys said was pretty cool, so thanks guys. much love goes out to you guys,,

God Bless.
98% of teens have been around or have had alcohol. Put this in your sig if you like bagels.

Originally Posted by Sol9989:
I cum blood
never gonna give you up,
all fap together
to 2 girls 1 cup?
I'm glad you posted a follow up. After two months of not posting in this thread, I had worried that the pit's help didn't help you, and you wound up hanging yourself from a ceiling on one of your bass strings.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

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consider the alternative. very motivating.

This ^

Basicaly, you are 'alive' now, you may as well try to enjoy it while you're here, because you can't change your mind once you're dead.

If you are not getting anything from what you are doing, try doing something else.
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