I've always loved the sound of a good pinch harmonic. I can pull them off, but not 100% everytime on every fret. Do you guys know of any ways to practice pinch harmonics? I know a lot of guys have there amps with the gain around 12:00 and they still pull off great pinch harmonics... Basically, I just want to get clearer, more consistent pinch harmonics. You guys got any tips?
You just have to remember that where you pinch the string changes a little bit for every different fret, you just have to remember where abouts that is.
And it's all a matter of practise, you'll know when you get the technique right, trust me, I get brilliant squeals and screams from my guitar now.
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There's not really any way to secretly 'unlock' the technique. Like unholy daemon said, just practice and let your fingers memorize where the best squeals come from.
Practice definitely makes perfect, and every guitar calls for a little bit different touch. Right when I was beginning to get good squeels, I changed over guitars and somewhat lost the technique. But like the others said, keep practicing,

you'll be ripping in noo time!
According to a post I saw quite some time ago, it's useful to imagine the part of the strings where you're picking as another fretboard. So if you're pinching on the 16th fret and then on the 17th fret you might want to move your hand to the right a bit.