I don't give a jack tit what today is.
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. Supplied amazing music to both me and my mother.

He will be missed.
I think he deserves some birthday nipples
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i get respect from my mate because he "fingers"
80 year old Tits? No thanks.
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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.
Too bad those Tits are smarter than all of the Pit combined...sad.
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Happy birthday, o wise creator of the Tits buildings
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You have amazing taste in men.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
I hope i never have to see tits that old again
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R.I.P - Ronnie James Dio

80 year old tits you say?
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I put a ton of my capital into SW Airlines... The next day, THE NEXT DAY these nutters fly into the WTC. What the hell? Apparently no one wanted to fly anymore, and I was like "What gives? God damnit Osama, let me win a fuggin' game!"
so when he masturbates is that a tits wank?
weird person
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Lol. I do maths at uni, so I'm going to ask the lecturers what they know about Tits.
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so when he masturbates is that a tits wank?
weird person

Nope, it's a titty-f*ck.