I have seen that many of the PRS brand gold locking tuners will work with most American models, however, I am looking to purchase a set of locking tuners in gold or black that will fit a Paul Allender SE model. I was told that certain brands (Gotoh, etc.) WILL work w/o modifications to the head stock and wonder if anyone has any recommendations on a specific make/model. The specs are below:

Guitar Head Stock Thickness: 9/16
All 6 tuner holes are 10mm (3 x 3) style

I am almost positive I saw models from Gotoh or another brand that specified that the specs were for guitars with head stocks from 9/16 to 11/16 and 10mm holes.

If it were up to me, I would not change the vintage tuners. You string it right, and you won't have a problem, however, this is being used at our local youth group and anything to make it easier for the kids to handle would prevent the 'Tim....it's out of tune again...can you fix it' type scenarios.

I do not want to file down the top and/or bottom of the headstock to make in thinner, but I dont mind drilling larger holes for each of the 6 tuners...if needed.