Hey all.

I posted a few weeks back about getting back into the electric guitar, have been stuck with an acoustic for LONG ENOUGH. I've already decided on either a Ibanez RGA32 or a RG2EX1, depending on my final play on them in the store. I have an old Marshall MG30 that I'm going to be using FOR THE MOMENT until I can afford a new amp. Now onto the main question: what pedal can I buy for around $100 that will get me somewhat in the ballpark of a Mesa Rectifier? I know I can't get even close without buying the amp, but that's really not an option moneywise right now.

My budget is around $500, give or take, and my main influences are metalcore such as Oh, Sleeper, August Burns Red, Haste the Day and Norma Jean.

Thanks for any help!
If you feel up to some building, look up the "Dr. Boogey"

It's a pretty easy build, and it's pretty dang cheap to get the parts. I did it a long time ago as one of my first pedal builds and even I was able to do it, and I have no soldering skills lol

But really, to get the recto sound you need to be pushing a few speakers at some serious volume. That's a super important part of any high end amp - to get the tone even from the amp itself, you gotta give it some breathing room and crank it up. An MG30 will just never give you that punch in the gut...
Is that budget including the budget for the guitar? If so, both pedals that phil mentioned are good. Although I would also look at the EHX Metal Muff, the jekyll&Hyde od/dist. I've also heard good things about the Rocktron Zombie Rec pedal.

Also, I was told by a guitarist that I hold with the utmost respect that the SD Twintube mayhem distortion was the best pedal made for distortion he's ever used. May have something to do with the fact that it's 230 bucks, but

EDIT: ^^^ to the guy above, agreed.

TS, would you consider selling the MG? If you can weasel like 150 bucks out of some poor sap you'll be able to get a good beginner guitar and an amp for about 650-700.

Were I you, that's what I'd do.

Also, an important tip to remember is to look at guitar's for playability and sound, and look at amps for the quality of said sound/tone.

If you have a good guitar but an awful amp, the right 'sound' will be there, but it will sound awful.
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the rg2ex1 and get a peavey vypyr 30, a pretty good modeling amp with a recto setting that sounds great

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Thanks for all of the input! Much appreciated.

I'll be looking into those pedals along with others! I know keeping the MG is a real pain for right now, but sadly that's how it's going to have to work out... eventually I am planning on getting a higher-end amp, maybe even a Recto and possibly a pickup swap on my guitar, but until then I will have to make do with the Marshall and a pedal...
I doubt an MG + pedal will sound anything like a recto. On a tight budget, I would look at roland cube or peavey vypyr for that kind of tone.
I recomend the Blackstar HT-Distx. It sound like a very fine pedal, however, your amp will make it sound like shit.