I'm taking construction next year in high school and I'm wondering if anybody has ever Built a guitar in wood shop in their high school.

This is what I'm thinking
Acoustic Guitar
Sound Hole (one F-Hole on each side)

Do you think I will be able to at least build the body within 200 days?

Sorry if this is another newby question

Thanks for taking the time to answer this question
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Well, my friend took an actual guitar building class and it was a semester, so if you can do it correctly, 200 days shouldn't be a problem
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Never built a guitar there, but I did build a big guitar cabinet. I thought about makeing a guitar, but it was much more convienent to make the cabinet.
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I've built an acoustic and an electric.

Definitely go with building an electric. You have a lot more room for using your imagination and 'getting' a good sound. You can use a neck from a $25 dollar tossed out Strat copy or whatever (bolt on neck!). you can buy all the hardware and electronics but also take them off a 'wreck'.

Put a local ad in your Craigs List or whatever you have in your area. Mention you are a student and need a crap-electric guitar for your project...(I'd give you one if i saw that ad).

If you go acoustic....much harder and definitely less likely to get good results. not much room for error if it sounds crappy. You should have someone helping you who has actually built an acoustic guitar....whereas an electric you can manage on your own and modify along the way if necessary.
I agree with doing an electric rather than an acoustic. I will disagree with Raptorfingers though about scrapping an old guitar. If you're doing this for marks, like I am, then you're going to get graded much higher if you make the neck as well, as opposed to just the body.
Either way talk to your teacher about it and see what they say
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