Yeah. I'm going to be a Jazz Studies major (guess what instrument? Guitar! haha) starting this fall, and on the list of stuff music majors should have, is an "audio recording device"; I'll type up what they say here I spose....

Audio Recording device- A small unit is needed for recording practice sessions for performance feedback and occasionally for homework assignments. A variety of devices will suit the purpose, but be certain to get something you can conveniently use while practicing. Examples of these include a regular cassette tape or micro cassette recorder, an iPod, or a digital recorder such as the m-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 or Korg MR-1 [The latter is high-end and rather expensive buy may be useful for composers and Music Technology majors.]

So what I'm asking for...is basically suggestions. I'd prefer to keep it very inexpensive, but I'm open for suggestions; I have Two microphones already (MXL 990 and 991) and a two channel recording interface, but that's not really convenient to use for every time I'll be practicing. So what does the Recording forum recommend? Should I just get a cheap micro cassette recorder, or a low-end digital voice recorder?
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M-Audio Fast Track USB. 100 USD, (70 or so used) and with a good mic you can easily do good guitar tracks.

EDIT: Didn't read all the way, my bad. Cassette recorder would do the trick for a cheap and fast way to do it, if all you're needing to do is get the idea.
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I have the Audiobox USB from presonus, and I've found it to be quite good. It comes with buckets of software. You plug it into a computer (so if you have a laptop, mobility should be no issue) and it works rather well.

But if you're deadset on a cassette recorder or little pocket recorder, I'd look at the Zoom H2.
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^ if you bothered to read, he already has an interface. he is dead set on a pocket recorder because thats what he needs for school.

clay, ive heard good things about the boss micro br. never really used the pocket recorders myself, but thats one that people seem to like. its mostly made for guitar, so might not be ideal if you are trying to record a multi-musician practice. i would probably just get a micro-cassette recorder if i was doing this. not going to be the greatest quality, but if you need quality you can bust out your interface.
I'd say minidisk is the way to go - look around a few second hand shops and you can pick one up for next to nothing - if you can get one with a mic input it would be a bonus (you could invest in a dynamic mic like a 57 in the future and plug it straight into the recorder for better sound quality if you want to record individual instruments). The quality of minidisks was amazing, I have no idea why it didn't really take off!
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zoom h2
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the boss br600 has two decent mics built in might be a bit to big for you
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I have. They sound *fantastic* for what they are. No, you'll never release a live album recorded with it, but for a "single unit in a room" recording... amazing.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
I agree with H2 suggestion, its a pretty good recorder. Or the H1 never used it but it looks like a smaller and easier to use H2 and lighter as well. H2- around $140 new. H1- $100, but the H1 doesn't come with accessories so if you want them it will cost you an extra $25, or around $135 for it all together.