i know i posted the same question with the rectoverb the other day but it tiurned out the amp had problems ( im buying used) , anyway i now have an oppurtunity to buy a express 5 50 for $950. Would you say the sound is good for punk and metal bands like Blink 182, sum 41, anti flag, metallica , blessthefall, rise against? im just debating because ive heard good and bad things about the amps distortion. thanks.
I've played a 5:25 and really didn't like it. Something about the gain didn't do it for me. I play post hardcore stuff sort of like blessthefall (well not really but similar heavy tones)
I have a huge fear if rays.
Personally, for $950 dollars I'd pass. For $750 I'd pass. Granted I did not play it for an extended period of time or with boosts but I didn't care for the distortion. Otherwise, yes it can generally do the music you listed.

PS: are you using craigslist, ebay, kijiji and gear forum classifieds for other things? Are you pretty set on a Mesa?
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The gain on the amp is not very good but given the bands you listed i don't think you will need that much. It has pretty customizable clean channels but for the money i'm not sure its worth it.