I've been guitar for about a year now and im kinda stuck on what to learn, I can play most BFMV songs and some A7X stuff like that but I'm not sure what else to learn I want to get better and learn to solo fast so I can play more songs all the way through.
no its not the song itself thats hard its the solos, i probably should've put that in there before sorry.
I don't know why half the people on this forum think learning more scales will magically improve your soloing. It won't. Honestly, learn the major scale and intervals and then experiment with different accidentals (that is essentially how are scales are constructed after all). Now as far as speed is concerned, who cares? It won't make you sound any better. But if you're really set on being a faster player... (here comes the big secret) practice. Practice, practice, and more practice. Start really slow with a metronome, and bring it up a few bpm each time you master that tempo (ie you can play it at that tempo cleanly and consistently) until you reach the speed you want.
Learn a scale..... start with major & relative minor, use the CAGED system to plot all five positions, then try out some solo's during that time... you'll start to see how things connect... not much point in learning songs with no reference.