hey there! i have a breedlove J350, and i haven't changed the stock strings, i have had it for around 2 months. they still sound good, as its not like i'm professionally gigging or anything and need it to sound tip-top. but for when the time comes and my high e string snaps because for w/e dumb reason, i would like some recommendations on strings. I generally like warm sounding strings and don't like too much twang as i like songs with warm sounding chords... i have never bought a pack of strings for an acoustic so, UG, i beseech thee, recommend me some good strings or brands for a warm sound! =)
yeah youre in the wrong forum, but w/e. you will now be repeately suggested d'addario and ernie ball.

try elixirs if you can afford them, or DR's.
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I think theres multiple types of strings called Earthwoods, so yes they probably do make a nylon pack, but they also put out normal steel strings under that name.
thanks guys and sorry i posted this in the wrong forum