so I've heard that not all humbuckers have the same pole piece spacing.
most frequently I've heard people saying that humbuckers from a typical les paul guitars won't be compatible with most super-strats due to this issue

but then again, I've also seen people putting gibson humbuckers into a fender strat with no issues

I have a fender MIM standard strat for which im planning on getting a humbucker pickup. how would i know that if i buy something like SD alnico pro 2 or gibson burst bucker pro, it would be compatible with my strat?
I've never seen a same humbucker pickup that comes in different spacings (except some dimarzios that are marked "F-spaced"... which i guess mean that they are for floyd rose guitars?)

can anybody clear this up for me??
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It's not a big deal, 99% of the time. If you take a regular spaced and an F spaced pickup and install them on the same guitar, there's next to no chance that you'll actually hear a difference. If you're a perfectionist/OCD, then you can get the "correct" spacing for your guitar, but just be aware that it's not a huge deal when choosing pickups.
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