Why don't you like Schecters.
Im not trying to be pro-schecter but I find everything about them suits my style of playing, the thickness of the neck, the ability of the low action, the sounds they can produce, the build quality and the woods they use are all up to my standard.
Especially due to their cheap prices.
So why do you or dont you like schecters? Have you had problems with their construction, electronic problems, finish problems, problems with their customer service or anything else?
lol in
People dont really dislike them persay but when people start overhyping them to the point of recommending schecter hellraisers for blues it gets a bit beyond the joke. So the jokes come in.
you got it the wrong way lol

alot of people in UG like schecters...so much that they recommend one in every single thread there is,without even looking at TS's recommendation..thats when other people get annoyed,then they start trollin thats where the jokes come in
Schecters are great guitars, they're just very tailored to a specific music style of playing (hard rock, metal.) Although they're somewhat versatile, this seems to be their primary function.

I think a lot of people don't like them because of either A) it doesn't fit their music tastes or b) because people always try to say it WILL fit their musical taste
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lolz FWIW i like my c1 elite but i havent liked the newer ones i've played felt plastic.