Basically as the thread title.

A mate asked me to play bass for their band as they can't find a bassist. Me playing guitar I have some basic knowledge but don't actually own a bass.

I didn't want to spend too much in case things don't work out.

Any suggestions?
with that budget, you're probably going to want to go used and get a 200-300 watt amp, then just get whatever old bass you can with the rest of the money.
At least then you'll have the volume to play with a band, even if you won't sound amazing.
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I'd look out for a used Squier J and a used Ashdown MAG for that budget. I expect everyone else here will say much the same thing
I just happened to swing by the classified forum and saw you just happen to have one for sale.

How far would you be willing to drive? I live ~2 1/2 hours way.
Hmm...I'll have a think about it. I wasn't really planning to go past Bristol