I Long To Be Unaware

I went outside to gaze at the stars
The night was clear, caught between civilization and nature
The sound of distant cars trying to drown out all others
Only winning for a brief period as they passed

The stars shown in utter brilliance, though oblivious to our existence
And as I watched, meteorites passed away in our midst
In a blaze of glory just to be noticed one last time

In this trance, there was no longer a single thought
I was in awe of the show, a spectator
There was a moment of just being
No thought or second to ponder, just my mind processing the lights

For that one second, I was at total peace
But that moment passed and now I long for it even more
Not wanting to feel discouraged, my eyes never left the sky
Hours passed wanting to capture it again, but I was aware now

Walking into the house, I was blinded by incandescent lamps
The night could no longer envelope me, it refused to comfort
I cursed the heavens for giving and taking away
But I return every night, for the chance to be unaware

I went out to watch the meteor shower tonight and these thoughts all just came across my mind. I probably saw enough shooting stars to last me a while, lol. I was surprised at how calm and at peace I was staring straight up into the sky and after I realized it, it just wasn't the same. I did stay out for about another 30 minutes and watch some more and decided to come inside and write this down. See, I couldn't even just sit out there and enjoy the moment because my mind started racing.