Hi i am lokking for a good wah pedal and a 2 octave up pedal
i am a ratm fan so i would like to be able to get a sound close enough to morello
any suggestions?
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Whammy for the octave up. Morello uses one, and its your best bet for doing RATM stuff.

I'm not sure what Wah Morello uses, but the Vox V847 is a good all round wah. Do you have a budget in mind?
You'll probably be able to get the whammy now. For that price getting both Pedals (of decent quality) will be hard. Get the whammy before you get the wah, because you can play around with the pitch shifting on that to get a "wah-like" sound if you need to.
Morello uses a standard Crybaby, but his is an old model, which sounds a lot better than the newer ones, and he's also said that his is unique. I don't know what it is exactly, but he tried to find another that sounded like his and just couldn't.
The 535Q is a great wah, it'd suite what you want really well.