I've been thinking about getting a bass amp to play my guitar through. Was considering the Laney RB9 head and an Ashdown cabinet (4x10" or 2x10"). So I'm just wondering if guitar would bugger the amp? The stuff I play will have a lot in the lower register as I'll use a EHX Microsynth or Digitech Whammy to play stuff an octave or 2 down, but I'll also be playing in the higher register (as in as high as a guitar go).

Any help is welcome and appreciated.
It will be fine. An electric guitar doesn't have the range to do any damage to a bass amp. Plus, the Fender Bassman was originally intended to be a bass amp, but it sounds great for guitar.

As far as how that particular amp will sound, I do not know.
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i use a JCM 800 bass version with my guitar...sound very good
Bass amps are kickass for guitar. All of my guitar amps were originally designated as bass amps. It's a great combination!


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Think I'm sold then. I might look into a Fender Bassman. Also the quote in the sig above me made me laugh...hard (even though I have nothing against Boss). Thanks for the help guys.