I have a PRS Custom 24. It's an amazing guitar, but there is one quite annoying problem I have found with it. The tremolo system is made using springs, so when tuning to a different tuning (eg standard to dropped-D) it must be re-tuned about 5 times before staying in the tuning required. This is quite annoying when gigging, as there needs to be a 5 minute gap between any songs with different tunings.

Considering I don't use the tremolo as much as I anticipated, I'm thinking about changing the bridge on the guitar to a solid one, without a tremolo. If I did this, would it affect the guitar hugely? And is it even possible to change such a huge thing? I've found previously that changing bridges can alter the intonation (if not done perfectly) and I'm not really wanting to experiment much on this guitar incase I ruin it.
Sounds like your bridge is floating. Tighten the trem claw (in the cavity on the back of the guitar), that will pull the bridge down so it sits on the top of the guitar, rather than floating.
I dont have this problem with mine, you may want to tighten the springs a little but not so that the trem sits on the body. The best thing to do is get a second guitar for your drop tunings. Oh and you just cant swap a trem for a bridge on a PRS.
just block off the tremolo, it's will be the same as not having a trem.
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Only a fool would block the trem on a PRS.
Please consult this, before resorting to name-calling:

TS, the most sensible approach is to adjust the spring tension to eliminate the float in your bridge. If this gains you the tuning stability you need when changing between tunings, you're done.

If not, blocking the trem is a viable option. Since you've already considered the possibility of going to a fixed bridge, it's apparent the use of the trem is not a strong priority. Blocking is quite stable and with some effort it is reversible, if you later decide to set the guitar up for trem use.
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Another good idead would be a Tremol-no?
But that requires a small screw to be put into the guitar.

I've seen them on Waaay too many guitars lately too.
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