hello. i wanted to learn the birds white summer, and i saw this:

Jimmy is using finger picks (including thumb), plus he is
playing an acoustic guitar with an unwound G string, that
is why it sounds so twangy. The tuning is:

Dadgad (low to high)

what that means, Dadgad? i only learned how to do drop D tuning in my classic guitar, but i think its like that, only i need someone to explain it to me further.

if you need to tune e to d, does it means the tuner has to show "d" string when you actually pluck the e string?
okay: D modal tuning: dadgad.

tune to drop d (if you dont know what drop d is, dont even bother learning this song yet you arent advanced enough).EDIT: read the post closer, you know it im a lazy reader

tune to double drop d DADGBD; tune the E strings so that they are the same pitch as the 4th string: a D

now, tune the B one tone lower to an A.
they're coming to take me away
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its Open Dsus4 Tuning

Lower 4 Strings

are same as Drop D
and you drop the Higher 2 strings a whole step dowm ,that is a gap by one fret ..
thats it , its easy , never played it though