Hey Pit

Just wondering if anyone has used this site before? http://www.corpseclothing.com/

Im gonna order some stuff off there but i was wondering if anyone has used them before and wondering what the quality of the clothes are like, the sizes and delivery?

Never used it but it looks dead expensive....
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I wouldn't trust them, there's something smelly about this.
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
The stuff on this site looks pretty cool. I'd kill for some of this stuff.
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Okay guys, these pun jokes are dead.

EDIT: The quality looks pretty rotten.
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sorry to break the pun-combo, but when I first entered this thread I seriously hoped it would be about dressing up corpses.

which is NOT a hobby of mine <.<

You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore
You better hope that the site remains in operation
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

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This is ridiculous. You cadaver thread without it being full of puns these days.