Hi all,

My name's Jonathan and I've just downloaded Powertab and I've realised the interface is pretty complicated. In fact, to make sure I wasn't being unfair I showed it to my good friend Stephen Hawking to see if he could figure it out and, well, I'm not quite sure what happened but his machine started making this funny whirring sound, I think he was crying, I'm not sure. Anyway, he told me he never wanted to see me again and then ran over my foot and I know he did it on purpose. So I'm pretty much still where I started, trying to figure out how the hell to write tabs on this thing.

After a few go's I think I've got the basics down but there are still some questions which are bothering me. Number 1. Does anyone know how to make the 'let ring' option actually, y'know, make the notes ring? I select a note and I click the let ring button but when I play the tab it doesn't seem to do anything. Also, is there any way I can make it play two notes of differing lengths simultaneously? It seems like it doesn't like playing (for instance) a quaver and a semi-breve at the same time. If I tab it to play two notes together and then try to change one to a longer note, the other one changes too.

This is really frustrating and I would greatly appreciate some help from the many knowledgeable members on this site before I lose my temper and start kicking my dog about the place.

I'm just kidding. My name's not really Jonathan.