I have had this Bugera on craigslist for a little while now and this offered me a trade.
he has a Randall RGT100 112 combo . this amp is a older one .100 watts all tube .he replaced the tubes with mesa's tubes . has the unique footswitch . he says its in great shape. I cant find much about this amp online. I have found this is a rare one which of course peaks my interest .think its a good deal ? let me know . thanks
The 1990 is a clone of a mediocre amp. The Randall is probly better.
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well I do like the bugera or else I wouldn't of bought it .reason I am selling it is that My b-52 can get the same tone and much more so I really don't have any use for it . this Randall though sounds like it might be a good addition . i don't have any combo amps and as far as i know this Randall isn't trying to copy the sound of any known amps . I have found that this combo amp is being sold for around 500 bucks used right now . it seems that for the ones that are in working condition the Value is starting to rise .may have something to do with them being pretty old and rare . this might be a good trade just from the $ point .