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Hello all!

We at Fade to Oblivion wanted to get some feedback on the progression of our band and hopefully meet some great people along the way. We will begin playing out in the next couple of months and are all from previously touring groups so we hope to hit the ground running.

In addition to the three songs we have listed we are currently in the final mixing/mastering stages of another one as well as nearing the completion of our most melodic number. So if you find you like us be on the look out for new tracks in the next few weeks.

As always, for anyone who gives us a listen and responds, we will do the same and happily give you our feedback as well!

Forgot to mention that if you only listen to one song, make it "Lament of the Fallen"

also on facebook.
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Hey thanks alot man. We do all of our own production work so that its nice to hear it get complemented. We are also open to hearing criticism of our work as it will only make us better.
You have no idea how great that would be! You get a deal on airline tickets and we'll be there ha! Anyway i appreciate the kind words.

If you guys do like us spread the word. We are really serious about our music getting out, hopefully to be enjoyed by the vast majority of listeners. With any luck we can spur some of the Cbus bands into making a decent scene awesome.

Rock on!
****ing nice riffing on "The nightmare within". Also, really growls aswell, I see alot of potential here!
Thanks man! Taking your time to listen and comment is greatly appreciated.

We just finished the recording for a new song improves upon the things we learned with nightmare and beats the crap out of it in brutality. It will not be out for sometime though as we are gearing up for shows.
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Pretty cool stuff dude. I'm in the works of forming a band myself right now in Southeastern Ohio. Should be gigging in a souple months providing we find a vocalist. It's more of a Proggy Metal-meets-Punk thing. We're only a couple hours away, I'll send a demo your way when we get it done if if you think you might be interested in doing some gigs.
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Sup dude, liking the overall vibe, some cool stuff you got there. Guitar work is pretty stunning in places, and your clean singer is much better than the type of cleans you usually hear is this type of music. Prefer Forlorn Reflections personally, can really hear the In Flames in there.

You said to bring on the hate dude, so with all due respect; something about the way the guitar and the drums are interacting on parts of The Nightmare Within grated on me a bit. I think you guys could do with upping the tempo now and then too; not changing your sound or anything; the grooves you guys get into are awesome, but the odd speedy riff might give you a bit of variation to stand out more in the metalcore scene. Honestly, I'm just nitpicking cause you said you wanted a bit of criticism, really don't mean to offend or whatever.
No worries dude, actually looking forward to hearing more stuff from you in the future.

And cheers dude, I'm always stoked to hear people enjoy our stuff
I thought the solos could use some work...they're not very dynamic and I don't think they really add much to the song. Like for The Nightmare Within, he plays some pentatonic with some groove in the beginning which is cool, then all of a sudden he goes off and does some stuff that doesn't really just mindless scale run and some bends that don't really go well in there - I think it would sound a whole lot better if he went into the blues scale then slowly built up speed, and worked from there. But one thing I do like is how at the end of the solos, they transition into a melodic hook. Anyway, that is my opinion.
Thanks for taking a listen and giving us the critique. I'll pass on the word. Let us know what you think of everything else if you'd like.

Also guys, if you would like me to critique your bands leave a link or the name of the myspace folks. I'm happy to take a listen!


edit: Our best number yet by far should be completed in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for more metal goodness from us.
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This is sick. A lot of it reminds me of Lamb Of God for some reason, The Nightmare Within especially. I do agree with kobashii though, the solos could use work. I think the solo in The Nightmare Within was decent as a regular ol' metal solo. But try to spice up the solos and their phrasings to really make them fit perfectly with the song. Other than that, you guys are pretty damn brutal
^This, the vocals on Lament of the Fallen and The Nightmare Within sound alot like Randy Blythe's.
The riff on that song gets a little repetative but it didn't bother me much, it suits it fine!
The screams on Forlorn Reflections sound very distant though, which kind of bothered me.
You guys could use some work on the clean vocals, but maybe they're just not my cup of tea.
Awesome music anyways, happily hear more from you guys!
Thanks for the taking the time to reply. The criticism of the clean vocals is not one we have heard yet so cheers for bringing it up. Our vocalist always wants brutal honesty, so could you lay out what you do not enjoy about the clean vox performance?

We have indeed addressed many issues that had plaqued us before concerning recording vocals on our newest tracks (not released yet) but always want to hear what you guys don't like!
After taking my time and listening a few more times I decided that they're fine, it's just that I'm used to some rougher cleans and I sometimes have a hard time liking what I'm not familiar with.
Now a little comment on the background vocals on the clean parts from Lament of the Fallen. I think they could be a tad louder, I think it'll fill everything a bit more up (this doesn't mean it sounds thin or anything, the mixing is pretty damn good as far as I can tell).
Nice work guys!
sounds a bit rough, but they're demos. The clean vocals are pretty good, they remind me of a Columbus band arc (This World Ablaze and ofHuman. I don't really know if they're a band anymore). I like the blend of styles, though having some faster songs seem like it would be beneficial; all of the tempos seem to be about the same, which might get old fast.

I'm in a Columbus band too, Hazarmaveth, we're previous page. I see there are a lot of us forming up to the level in which we can maybe start doing shows together.
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I had my band listen to your track and they completely agreed that we would love to play with you. We are in the process of nailing down and getting our set tight. We will be starting up probably within the next 2-3 months. I will get in touch with you!

Rock on, "Robo Elf" is one bad ass song.

On topic though, anybody have any more thoughts on our tracks?

EDIT: LuBu would wreck Cao Cao any day
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we're playing a show on october 9th at the alrosa villa, hopefully we don't get shot (ohh, bad humor..). Lu Bu is a bad ass, but the new game ruined him for me (yes, a game ruined the image of a character from really old literature).

We're kind of starting pre-maturely with a whomping 15 minute set (not including banter and freeform jazz interludes). I'm sure you guys will be fine soon and they we should for sure try to get some columbus metal bands to do some shows!
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Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
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I definitely get the LOG vibe, vocals especially. Really like the thrashier parts. Solo's are effective but like others have said, could do with some work. Clean singing works. Nemesis is definitely my favourite of the bunch. Overall nice job man!
Thank you Andrew. Really appreciate the kind words. I'm glad that you like Nemesis. We have two other songs that equal its quality in the works. Onslaught should be out by the end of the week and the other we are saving for the EP.

If any one else cares to critique our new song (or any of them for that matter) I would be happy to return the favor!
Holy crap man, I don't listen to this stuff much (closest I got is Opeth), but I really like what you have going here. I really appreciate the comment considering where it's coming from here. Your riffs are awesome and rhythmic, and the solos aren't as bad as people are making them out to be here. I'm not one to be critical on these type of vocals, but they're good... Didn't hear a lot of clean so can't say much about them, might be a tad better but it may work itself out.

Keep at it man, these sound ****ing rad. My favorite track was "Nemesis".
Great harmony, the clean voice have its character, and rough scream which is good.
your songs reminds me of Lamb of God and also you have some dark atmosphere.

well, i was surprised when i hit on your link which was took me to a page contained 3 other link to facebook, myspace and twitter.. i thought that the page will contains all about the band...haha my friend thought that it would be some kind of killerjoe when i showed him..

BTW the melody part you play is almost like I played in my songs, especially the fast notes don't get the wrong idea.

Last word, you're all swift and deadly ( the music, not the persons )

Let me know what you think about my band at
The clean vocals are flat and the screams are pretty throaty but other then that I like it
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