Up for sale, Is my dead-mint (still has hang tags!) PGM100 re-issue that's as new as the day it came. I paid 2k for this guitar when it came out last year and played on it ONE time when it arrived. I was going to wait till they stopped making these (until it was a collectible) to sell but I'm in need of some new gear. Original case is included along with the CD plaque and tools. I took over 40 detailed pic's so you can clearly see that this is in perfect condition.


Price is $1500 shipped!
No trades, No international shipping
PayPal-Gift only.
Please PM me with any question or if interested.
Thanks !
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Wantwantwant but can't afford, really sorry. The price shouldn't have to be dropped this low...try JEMsite or IbanezRegister
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