Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows any delta blues style songs that are extremely simple that I can start out with. I have a Robert Johnson tab book and I can play bits and pieces of some of his songs, but his stuff is very difficult to learn. I'm alright at electric slide guitar but I want to be able to play old delta blues songs too. Any suggestions on the simplest delta blues songs out there? Right now I'm doing fingerpicking practices, which will hopefully help. So any beginner delta blues songs to learn would be helpful, preferably with slide but songs without slide are good too
I'd suggest hitting up YouTube and checking out the wide variety of material there. Several folks have rather lengthy playlists of artists in this style.
Most all these songs are structurally simple; I-IV-V progressions and 12 (ish) bars...

It's the nuance and the emotional delivery that many find hard to master.

Highway 61 Blues is pretty easy as a starter, here's Mississippi Fred McDowell's version: