On Snopes it said that it happens a lot. I think it was there I read it, perhaps on Cracked.
Someone groped her breats and she got insomnia and nausea?

F*cking people.

First a girl sues a family for getting in the way of her suicide car, now this.
People will evidently do or say anything for money.
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Wow. I knew people in America were sue-happy, but this is a bit far. "Nausea and Insomnia"...looks like SOMEONES trying to build her case up.
i rofled

but seriously, justlet donald duck get some action.

if i had tits id let him grope me
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Lol I love the fact you use the word majestic to describe titties... it's as if there are hundreds of titties majestically frollocking in a meadow somewhere *drifts off*
Sounds like there's been some fowl play...

Meh... Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it's probably going to rape you. RUN!
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hahah she must have serious issues if a mascot accidentally grabbing her makes her have insomnia.

Even if he did, what motive is there. He clearly cant feel them or anything, so it would be pointless. He must have slipped or she just made it up.
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If she gets insomnia and nausea just from touching her tits then how the **** did she have kids without developing AIDs or cancer or a brain tumor or something?
They also state that Donald Duck was probably a woman.

Lesbian Interracial Human - Duck sex. Awesome porn.
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