Well I'm Aerin and i'm the lead guitarist in the band Euralea! Right now we're looking for a bassist and rhythm guitarist replacement. I've already made a thread in the "Promote your band" forum and we've gotten great feedback so far so i'm going to put this ad out there.

We live in the quad cities area in Illinois/iowa
We need a bassist who knows how to play a cool riff and not just 4 measures of eighth notes of the tonic of the song.
The guitarist needs to be skilled as well because in some of our advanced, not so poppy, songs i'll write harmonies or extended chords that need some experience playing.
We're all around the 18/19 age group.

If ANYone wants to tryout and jam with us sometime just message me on here or at amattson815@att.net

If you want to hear any of our songs, and i suggest you do to get the kind of sound we're going for, you can look up euralea! on youtube or goto our myspace at www.myspace.com/euralea

Thanks everybody!


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