I'm looking to upgrade my 09 MIM JAZZ pups and was looking for suggestions. I play jazz, r&b, soul, funk and classic rock and blues. i use eb custom flats. i luv the sound with the maple neck i just don't think i'm getting enough out of the pups.
In what way? do you want more attack and clarity? or do you need a more powerful low end, a smoother low end, more defined mids.

What do you feel is lacking?
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
clarity. the bottom is fine. it was set up by a tech so the action is great for my attack. i've been tryin to play closer to the bridge and i want more clarity from there.
Chuck an EMG-J set in there, and before anyone starts there's plenty of room in the control cavity for the battery.
Seymour Duncans are the way to go. stupid question but have you tried playing with the levels on either pup, and the tone from the amp?

I got the Quarter Pounder for Jazz bass, and it really gives a nice definition to all of what I play, it has just the right amount of mid response for me, so I can play around with the mid levels on my amp to suit what I want to do.

The Hot stack for Jazz bass by them would be also help you out in my opinion, any good pick-up will gives you a better tone in the ways of clarity, the Mexican electronics have a bit to be desired from.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"