Since I started playing around 5 years ago I have always picked with and open palm and my fingers hanging loosely. For about a year now I have constantly been changing the way I pick from a open hand to a closed fist. I find that when I play with a closed fist, I can play faster and cleaner as well. It's like I have more control when I play that way. The problem I have with the closed fist is that its so damn uncomfortable for me. I just cant get used to the way my index finger and middle finger feel when they are in a fist.

As a result, I end up switching back to picking with a open hand and just feel like I have less control over the strings. Keep in mind I can play rhythm fine but when it comes to lead I can play better with a closed fist. Should I just continue playing with an open hand or try to become comfortable with the closed fist?
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try not to make a real fist but make it a little bit open so that all your fingers are almost parallel...thats like i pick...

i dont like it when my fingers are almost at my palm...

hope that helps
both are fine, i use them both
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i play whatever is comfortable. i find that if your comfortable you can play better
I kinda just let my hand do whatever it wants, I never really think about it. I guess I kinda do what your talking about, play rhythm parts with my hand more open and then bring my fingers in for solos and stuff. If you can play better with a closed fist I guess I'd do that, but you wouldn't want to be un-comfortable either. Just try playing around with your fingers in different positions and see if you can find a place that lets you keep your control and be comfortable.
Yea I am more comfortable playing with an open hand because thats how I've always played. I guess now its just a matter of practicing with an open hand to build up more control with it
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i play whatever is comfortable. i find that if your comfortable you can play better

This. Don't listen to anyone who says "your method of holding the pick is wrong!" Comfort and prevention of repetitive strain injuries should be your only concern. As long as it's comfortable and you're not going to end up with carpal tunnel, do what you like.
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You just go for whatever is more comofortable and plays better for you.I like to play the electric finger-style but it's useless for rythm playing,at least in rock.I always get to play solos a lot easier with fingers but I try to get used to playing with pick more.
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if you force yourself too much with the fist close, you may end with a carpal tunnel or a serious tendinitis, play comofortable
I've been playing for 10 years with a closed. I also hold the pick with 3 fingers (very bad). When I was 18, I was in a prety bad car accident which really ruined my right hand, so I've adapted to make this work.

Do what feel natural, but if you start to feel any pain, consider alternating. You could do damage to your hand.
You could try picking with your pinkie on the high E string to hold your hand still, it'll reduce your hand movement.
It's mostly just a comfort thing. For me for some reason I find it more comfortable to play with a closed fist when I'm playing something with a lot of pedaling like Bark At The Moon.
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You could try picking with your pinkie on the high E string

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i play whatever is comfortable. i find that if your comfortable you can play better

What this guy said is right.

There really isn't one way to pick, you can do whatever is comfortable.

The only "rule" is to use your wrist to strum, and not your arm.
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