Okay since I got myself a new amp(Vox VT30), I thought I'd mod my old G15RCD. But I need some ideas on what I should mod on it.

Here's the schemo:

So far, my ideas were;
-Higher value on filtering caps.
-Changing D3 and D4 clipping diodes.
-Change in value on coupling cap(C15).
-D1 and D2 seem like clipping diodes too, but I need confirmation on this.

Also I'm wondering... since this is a power amp, if I change the diodes to LED's, will I have to use current limiter resistors?

Basicly I hate the Gain 2 knob on the amp. It sounds like a can of bees, I'm wishing to obtain better distortion on it. The sound also sounds too "compressed". Anyone with the knowledge care to help?

It's a shit amp but I'm just doing it for fun and experience.
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