FS: Randall RM 100 with Clean, Ultra XL, Blackface, and XTC modules $1100 obo

Near mint condition, the tubes are stock (JJ 6l6GCs) and have probably about 15-20 hours on them. The amp shows pretty much no visible signs of wear (atleast to my eyes) and functions the same as the day it was purchased. However the emblem is missing off of the front grill.

The amp includes the four modules mentioned in the title as well as the three channel footswitch.

This amp is capable of great tones and is incredibly versatile. There is a wide range of additional modules available from Randall, as well as a large range of aftermarket modifications and custom modules.

I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but would be willing to ship the amp as well. The price is set at $1100 obo (plus the cost of shipping if need be). If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Links to pics below.



Hey man would you consider selling just the head? I am wanting to get one, have access to the modules I want through a friend. I have a Peavey 5150II and Peavey 6505+ I'd be willing to trade one or the other with some cash in trade for the head and mods. Interested?