I have a Standard Epiphone Les Paul and whenever I switch the toggle to treble I can barely get anything out of it. It sounds more muted than anything else. Anyway, it's so quiet I don't even use it and I was wondering if it's a sign that there's a problem with the humbucker or if it could be something else?
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wiggle the toggle for a couple of seconds then it should be back to normal, that happens with mine, epiphone humbuckers tend to do that
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could be a wiring problem, im not sure what the casue is but i have this problem all the time when i rewire guitars. i just unwire them and rewire them completely again and it seems to fix it
With the epiphones, it is usually the pickup switch (Happened to mine), I would recommend replacing the stock toggle switch.
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it`s not the wiring it`s a known issue with epiphone toggle switches just upgrade it to a gibson one and you`ll be fine (it costs about £10)