For you UG culinary artists, i am looking to cook lamb. ive never done it before and was looking for some tips or recipe recommendations. Possibly some sort of marinated lamb with roast potatoes, or a morrocan spiced lamb type of thing. Im open to suggestions, except dominos pizza..as im obliged to cook!
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A personal favourite of my own- come all over the lamb, spinkle it with winnits, and braise it in a hot pan.
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Look on the BBC cooking website, there's loads of recipe's and instructions on there.
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braised lamb with lemon greek potatoes MMMmmm.....
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Why Lamb? Lamb is extremely hard to cook, and if you don't do it right, it will taste like poo every time.

I say get a New York Strip, throw some paprika on it to give it a nice crust, some steak seasoning salt, easily found at most grocery stores, and grill that bad boy. Then get some asparagus, dice up some garlic, add salt, put 1/4 stick of butter with it and wrap all that in tin foil, and place it on the grill for like 20 minutes.

Lastly, cook some Ranch beans in a pot and serve that with everything else, makes the perfect date dinner.