Hello everyone,

Recently I took everything of my very first guitar to see how everything fits together as a guitar. It was a Ibanez Gio starter guitar. Then I got the plan to just build my own with the same body of the Ibanez and make a better guitar with beter hardware and more to my style.

First of all I started building the body, which now is as good as finished (pics below).
It's made out of beech wood which might not be commonly used but I didn't know it at the time I started, however it's a great piece of wood, strong and good to work with.

My plan was to use the neck/fretboard etc of the old Ibanez and just buy some hardware at the local store.
However, the local guitar shop recently opened a sort of outlet store where they sell damaged guitars.
I found a Vintage SG something with a broken neck with still working hardware/pickups etc etc. (pics below) That costet me only 100euros together.

I decided to take of the fretboard cause it looks way better than the one of the Ibanez.
A new neck will be made soon and will work fine.

However, as the neck will be worked on next week (hopefully), I'm stuck with another problem; As I never build a guitar before I don't know anything about the sizes an distances/ration. I did check about it but I dont know how much difference there is for every guitar. In example the corner of the head from the neck? and the corner/ratio of the neck itself from the body?

On the original guitar I'm working from I had a Tremolo/bridge. Now I have a solid bridge.
Also the new fretboard is a few cm/mm/inch shorter than the original neck I wanted to use.

Now my question is, How far should the distance be from the fretboard/neck/bridge and everything. It is a 22frets fretboard of 46,5cm (eventhought its longer than the last fret).
Are there any clear guidelines for this?

I hope you can help me so I can build further.


Covered with a bit of dust but still as good as new.

Also to be cleaned, but thats what I actually paid 100euros for, as ggood as new.

The body:

(bit of sanding will remove the ugly spot)

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Generally speaking the distance from nut to 12th fret should be the same distance from 12th fret to bridge.

This distance can vary from guitar to guitar and is important as if these distances are wrong, will affect your guitar staying in tune.

Hope this helps
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