In advance: Sorry I could not lurk, I do not have a puter of my own to spend time lurking.

Well I'm about to adjust my truss rod on my Ibanez EX Series. First problem, I'm not even sure it has a truss rod. I took the little triangle piece at the top of the headstock off and there's not a socket in there, just some white fluffy shit and then the wood. Problem is, I took it into my local Guitar shop to get it adjusted a while back (the strings buzz against the first-fifth fret) and now I'm beginning to wonder if they just had me pay them to store it.
So if anyone could help me out with that, that'd be wicked.

If there is a truss rod, is there any advice for me for adjusting the truss rod for the first time? Correct me if I'm wrong: I don't know how much to move the truss rod precisely, I know it depends on how much bend I'm lookin for and that you have to move it very little and wait over night.

And the final conundrum: I have a b100 Acoustic Amp and I don't know how the EQ is set. Is there anyone with any knowledge on that amp that could tell me where the 0 is on the Tone knobs? Is it at 12 o' clock or all the way to the left?