I know that you can replace the plastic covers on single-coil pickups with little effort, but can the same be done to humbuckers? I've currently got zebras in my SE Custom but I'd rather switch to straight black.

Can this be done?
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Edit: So much fail on my part for not reading the original post.

But yeah... ^ is correct. You're not talking about switching covers, you're talking about changing the bobbin altogether. You would essentially need to rewind the pickup to do that, so no you really can't (at least you can't and expect the same pickup after you rewind it).
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^He is talking about the metal covers that cover the pickup, you don't need to touch the windings on the coils.

Yes, changing the humbucker covers is very simple, but do so with a few things in mind.

1) not all covers are the same size. There is very little standardization in terms of pole piece spacement these days on humbuckers. My Gibson covers will not fit my Seymour Duncan pickups, my Wolfetone covers will not fit either my Gibson or Seymour Duncan pickups, and etc.

2) you need to be careful when you do so as NOT to disturb the windings. They are typically taped and often protected anyway by a thick layer of wax from potting, but it can still happen.

All you need is to use a soldering iron to remove the solder on the back cover and just work away at pulling the cover off. If the pickup is wax potted it can take some work so some people like to heat the front of the pickup slightly to melt and loosen the wax a little bit. Sometimes something like a hair dryer will do.

After that just put the new cover on and solder it in place. Make sure it fits tight and snug otherwise you will have problems with microphonics.

Yeah, I understand that, but your explaining to him how to change HB's with a solid single cover over the slugs, I think he is talking about the type with exposed slugs, which I think the Zebra type pickups have one slug black and one slug white.
Ahh okay, it's probably a no-go then if I'd be messing around with the pickups too much.

Thanks for the help
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To not make al112987 feel so bad about himself, you could get covers, if you don't like the way your pickups look. That's a pretty easy, relatively inexpensive cosmetic solution.
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