I was watching the Jon Stewart show last night and he had Arcade Fire on. I noticed they have 2 drummers in the band. Now, I don't listen to them very much, and call me old-fashioned, but I don't understand the whole 2 drummer thing. Is this some kind of wierd new indy trend? What's the point?
inb4 Slipknot

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Bands have been using two drummers for ages. Phil Collins on his tours springs to mind, plus the Roadrunner United shows etc.
Phil Collins used a tour drummer so he could be the front man and Slipknot uses 1 drummer with a full kit and 2 "percussionists".

The Arcade Fire thing is that they've got 2 part time drummers, when they were starting out neither one was able to commit full time and now that they're a little more advanced each drummer has a slightly different role to play.. or so I understand.
The Allman Brothers Band also has two drummers, and they go way back. I'm not big into them, so I couldn't tell you whether they trade off playing on different parts of songs, or whether they just play different, complementary parts, but I would guess that one of those must be the case for most bands with two drummers.
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The girl who was drumming plays piano and sings also. It seems like something for her to do to add to the song instead of standing there.

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Most of the band play multiple instruments - they don't have two drummers for every song.
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It's like layering guitars, one drummer can play 'rhythm drums' and the other could play 'lead' so to speak.