Being in a 2 piece band, I'm the only one with a microphone, so I feel pressured into talking to the crowd, which makes me not do it. It just feels kind of awkward like no one is listening to it anyway. Even if I plan to say something and i remember, i kind of bottle out of it for some reason.

What do you say during your set to get the crowd more involved? Is it ignorant not to have a chat to the crowd?
i dont really remember what my vocalist said... just along the lines of how are you guys doing tonight? woooooo! talk about the other bands that are gonna play or have played. introduce yourselves?

but yes it is ignorant to not talk to the crowd. who's watching you, again?

reldit: or you could just string all your songs together via cool riffs inbetween them and shout out the name of the next song as you go.. lol

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Make up something clever about the next song, either beforehand or on the fly. Get the crowd into a call and response sort of thing, or just yell the name of the next song and start playing. Tell jokes, make fun of somebody in the band or in the crowd (lightheartedly), ask the crowd how they're doing, anything really. Watch videos of singers like Bruce Dickinson, cause he's a master of stage presence.
well we're playing at a little festival today, i'll just get by today announcing the song names or linking songs together, but i'll try and think up something cool for future gigs! playing our biggest gig on wednesday so preferably by then!
You don't necessarily HAVE to talk to the crowd, but it doesn't hurt (unless you say something really stupid).

I remember reading or watching an interview with Dave Mustaine and he said he doesn't talk much in between songs because the fans paid to hear the band play, not listen to them talk.
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ah cool. yeah i guess it will just come over time then, singing doesn't phase me but i brick it when it comes to talking to the crowd! i'm not much of a talker anyway :P
2 piece band? Your best bet is to find yourself someone who a bass player or maybe a keyboard player who's got plenty of confidence Just having someone else standing near you makes the stage feel a lot less empty. Plus, I don't care how good you guys are (and your demos seem pretty decent), if there's no bass in a band it's sounds thin and lacking.
If you ever fancy popping into Crosby on a Wednesday night I know a few cool bass players you guys could jam with.

Alternatively, give the drummer a mic on a boom stand, and if possible set up so he's next to you, rather than behind. If you've got a direct line-of-sight you can engage in a little bit of natural banter rather than trying to talk awkwardly to the crowd on our own.
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Just do this

But you probably won't be able to get away with it. So just thank the crowd and be like "That was (insert song name). This next one we call (insert other song name)."
Don't be too dull but don't be over the top.

Like, don't just say "thank you, this song's called *play song*" cos after you've said that you'll be repeating yourself.
But DON'T go on with a sense of popularity that isn't deserved. Like I heard a no-name metal band trying to prompt the crowd (in the worst way) by going "When I say **** you, you say "**** you too"", I was thinking "Great...the band's hurling abuse at me".

Anyway, I suggest modesty's always pretty good, like talking abotu the audience, make comments about them, like if they're enjoying it tell them they're a great crowd, if there's not many, thank the few that have come, etc.
Also if other bands are on you can mention who's up next and all that stuff.

Don't try to be funny, cos chances are, you aren't.
If there's a relevant story (preferably if like, someone's changing a piece of equipment so you have some space to fill) tell it definitely, but don't sort of pause for laughter or anything...and if it's something like "[band member] got sooooo trashed and [event]" noone wants to hear it...

...just do what feels natural!
Cheers for the advice.

We are actually considering getting a basist, our older brother is learning so that could be a possibility. Kyle62, I heard your band on Dune FM not too long ago, we were on the same show with an interview from the night before, haha!
From my experience you need to be straightforward. We usually open up with a couple of songs without saying anything. Then I say something like "thanks all for coming, the last song was called x and the next song is x. Id like to thank the next band for askig us to play, we hope you like it" Then we continue with a couple of songs, in the middle the vocalist says something like "thanks again for coming check us out on myspace bla bla bla" depending on the crowd we will cheer them up. Finally before the last songs that we usually play them as an encore the bass players thanks again. In between all of this we say the name of the songs before or after we play them so they know the names. If you are in a bigger band you dont need to present yoursevles or say whats your msypace because people know that. It is also helpful to see bands of your style, we play Reggae and Dub so we look at a lot of concerst by Aswad, Steel Pulse or Groundation and try to learn from what they are saying.
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