I think about you everyday
It's not hard for me to say
You've changed me
And I agree
"I'm not that bad"

Mistakes I surely made
I went and visited
Your grave
If you came back, I would stay
Here in heaven, forever

But for now, he made you go
Return as an angel
I miss you so
And what it is I do not know
What I loved about you
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Beautiful, but theres something about those last two lines that sounds a bit... off.
i didn't know where i was going after the first stanza. i think it still needs some editing.
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It is good start. Keep working with it, it just needs to flow more, if you can understand what I trying to say.
"Music became a healer for me. And I learned to listen with all my being. I found that it could wipe away all the emotions of fear and confusion relating to my family." Eric Clapton