hey guys my band is taking a new musical direction and i need a seven string.

i would like to trade for a seven here is what i have:

ESP Ltd H1001 FR in black cherry, has a war pig in the bridge not EMG's but i do still have them. its pretty much mint apart from slight hand rub on the trem and slight belt rash nothing major

Korean Fender Telecaster Custom HH. this is one of the korean made set neck mahogany bodied teles tht fender did its in Crimsion red with a flame maple top is outfitted with duncan pups, and its in excellent condition.

TC electronics Nova Dynamics Compressor + Noise Gate Pedal, twin pedal in mint condition with the box and power supply.

i can add cash if i need to but dont take the piss i know what this stuff is worth so serious offers please.

all are for sale to.