I'm sure everyone's sick of these, but after tirelessly searching I officially give up. For the past 2-3 monthes, I've been looking for good solo's that I can play, should provide a challenge but not impossible. I've managed to learn the Run To The Hills solo, and I've been playing for about 2 years, one year and like 10 months or so. So in addition to that I can also play some pretty complex riffs, like Over the Wall, Raining Blood, Into The Pit, Metal Storm (Face The Slayer), Fight Til Death and Rainmaker with no trouble at all. Genre doesn't matter to me, I'd prefer metal but I couldn't really care less. Thanks in advance
a cliche but AMAZING solo is the guitar solo (well, both of them) on Comfortably Numb, by pink floyd. technically, its very easy but the phrasing and tone production is great and learning it will help improve your phrasing and tone production.

this solo is slow and quite basic, but to really assimilate the lessons in note choice, phrasing and tone production its probably best to learn it off the recording. learn to sing it first, then begin playing it on your instrument phrase by phrase.
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Do the last solo of Sweet child O' mine(Another Cliche)
Look at some early metallica for shredding solos too.
Try surfing with the alien maybe too
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