So, I'm gonna get my new pickups for my guitars on sometime within 7-9 days from now, and I've decided on getting:
A Dimarzio Crunch Lab and
Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups. (for ma strat)
I'm still on the verge of picking a neck pickup, I'm torn between the:
Liquifire (If I got it I would feel unoriginal, becuase everyone else has it)
Air Norton
SD Pearly Gates
SD Jazz Neck Model

I play metal, classic rock, a little bit of shred and blues.
I need it to be able to have a warm, full bodied tone with decent harmonics, and good with fast single note runs, also no brittle high frets and overly excessive treble or bass response, with soloing that's not muddy but rather articulate and clean. With a good warm clean tone that's not boomy or piercing.

I don't really have too much of a price range, because they only really range to $100, so that would be the max I guess (unless a Fernandez sustainer is really worth it).
EDIT: I wouldn't combo the neck with the bridge, so they don't have to sound good both wired together. (ex, 3 way switch selecting both pickups)
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I have a Seymour Duncan SH2N Jazz model in one of my guitars and I LOVE it. I recommend it to anybody, it's nice and clear with a very good tone. However, I've heard great things about the Pearly Gates and I'm going to put a set in a guitar the next chance I get.
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dimarzios are nice. liquid fire is cool but you are right. air norton ?
air norton seems like it might be too muddy, because of the extra bass response, but a lot of people seem to like the air norton, I think even that would be more original than a CL/LF combo, as seeing nobody pairs the AN with the CL....
IMO i use the bridge a LOT more than the neck pickup, i only use the neck pickup if my soloing doesn't sound too great on the bridge pickup. I suggest the Dimarzio Air Norton
If you set up ur amp with teh bridge pickup's EQ in mind. The extra bass response of the pickup makes it sound smooth without having to change the EQ of your amp.

I am looking into get an air norton in the neck and evolutions in the bridge. For pierce bridge attack and smooth lead when i need it. But i'm always using my bridge pickup.

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