The album cover for load look close it's not flame sits blood ad the photo is called blood and semen III so that's whats in it and the artist no joke gets shit from families and molda it into stuff and goes to morgues and takes pictures of suicides
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Oh, ya. I'm pretty sure this is a widely known fact among Metallica fans.

By the way. Go to school; grammar helps in everyday life.
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Your mom had a botched abortion, and you were the result.

Need a laugh?
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That deserved a lolmeter

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I think you need to go back to school and learn some English.
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(stares at unreadable post for a while).........cool story bro.

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cool story bra.................somebody doesn't like Christianity, who woulda thought?

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Lol, This is Sig worthy my friend, Kudos to you and your wise-ass-ness
I was halfway through reading this post, when I noticed I hadn't quite finished exterminating the Jewish population.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish exterminating the Jewish population.
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Yep. I'm real mad. I got done havin some fun jammin w/ my band today, gonna have a Sloppy Joe dinner, w/ Tater Tots covered in chili, then my girlfriends gonna blow me tonight. I've got lots to be mad about!
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