Heres' my situation: I am flying from California to Pennsylvania to Tennessee and getting my car shipped right to TN. I was advised by my guitar teacher that I shouldn't take it on a plane unless I can check it at the gate to make sure it goes on top and isn't getting crushed under other peoples' stuff.

But after reading all the threads here about damage from leaving guitars in the heat (the guitar would be in my car from Saturday to Wednesday and I'm guessing it would get pretty hot) I'm not sure what the lesser of two evils is.

A third option would be to mail it, which I've done before with no damage, but I'm always kind of wary of doing that as well. What would be the best way to do this? I've got a disability and dealing with my normal carryons is hard enough but if the plane is the safest option then so be it. It's a pretty cheap guitar but I couldn't afford to replace it if it became unplayable, and it is all wood (spruce top, mahogany sides/back/fretboard). Thanks!
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Take it on the plane: put it in a good quality hardcase, then wrap the case in bubble wrap.




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Thats a tough call. On a plane, there is the crushing issue, and unless your guitar case comes with a thermostat and humidifier, it would be worse for the guitar in the long run. I've never had any issues with my guitar in high heat conditions, but the issues on a plane seem to outweigh the issues of keeping it in a car. Have somebody get your car for you when it arrives in tennessee and have them keep the guitar safe.
cant you take it on the plane as hand luggage ... im sure theres a Column here somewhere .. but i cant find it at the moment.

ok ive found something else that you might like

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