So yeah, two questions.
1) I have an Ibanez RG350 with an Edge III, and it doesn't seem to like tight strings. I'm using 10.5-48 strings (D'Addario), tuned to D Standard. To keep them tight enough for that tuning, I need to increase the spring tension almost all the way. Since 10.5 for D seems kind of weak, how can I make it tighter?
2) Thinking ahead, to downtune to about B standard (B-E-A-D-F#-B), will I need to make any major, special adjustments, other than getting thicker strings and maybe adjusting the bridge height?
If the tension is too loose for you in the tuning you play in already, then you definitely will not like the results you get by tuning down. The easiest way to fix your problem would be to get thicker strings. try 11-52's.

Also, wtf are 10.5's? I am an avid D'Addario user, and I don't think I've ever heard of that.
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They make 10.5's

You'll need to add more springs in the back to equalize the tension. I'm running four springs in my Edwards with 11 gauge strings (trying out the Dunlop Heavy Cores atm, 10 gauge. Likin em so far but this guitar is a bitch to set up. She likes to buzz.)
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Oh good. It came with another spring, so I'll try doing that. Any thoughts on my other question?
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To drop to B, you will need to adjust the sping tension and stuff, new strings etc. BUT ALSO YOUR INTONATION, the different tunings will change your intonation, which can be a pain in the arse to change but for it to actually sound good and in tune you will need to do this...