I searched it and didnt find one so here we go.

What Model Of Razorback Do You Own?

And do you like it, what issues have you come up with?

Here is mine.
Dean Dime Razorback 10,000 Commemorative

Things I like:
VERY fast neck
Pickups are great
I love the inlays
Doesnt go out of tune
Nice Thick Neck
Looks Pretty Darn Cool

Things I Dont Like:
Too Big
Very heavy to carry around everywhere
Impractical to play sitting down
well i currently own a Razorback shards.... i personally dont dig it, hence the reason im selling it, all personal preference. i find personally the dimebucker is to tinny for me, it doesnt have enough BALLS, i dont dig the neck shape either, and now i think they just look and like toys - I personally regret getting mine, but as i said someones "trash" is someone elses "gold" ... not saying its in a bad state, ... ohh you know what i mean .. :/
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I don't own one personally but I do like the shape and the ones I've played were pretty good. I did not like the sitting down troubles of them though.
that 10k is awesome

but i dont think this thread will go far
kakos, I do have to agree with you.
But as you said, it is all personal preference, I feel as if I've kind of grown out of it, when I saw it I thought it looked awesome, now personally it looks a bit show off-ish which to some people is appealing.
The feel of the guitar is different but I've gotten used to it, now the way it plays on the fretboard it would be my fave guitar, everything about the playability is perfect.
Also forgot to mention the lack of frets, I personally need 24 frets for a lot of the music I write/play so I find myself picking up a different guitar that has that.
Unfortunately, my guitar doesnt get played as much as it should and I will be looking into selling it soon, in about a month or two, as I'm more into extended range guitars (7 and 8 strings)