So, i recently (after far too long) upgraded from my old Crate RFX200s solid state combo, to a mid-60's Silvertone 1484. I absolutely adore the silvertone, it's got a gorgeous natural tube distortion once you start to push it and with slightly hotter pickups, or just a boost (i'm thinking either a mxr Micro Amp or an ibanez ts9) i should be able to pull any classic rock or blues tone i need.

My qualm is that i also play a fair bit of 'metal' or at least harder rock, that requires a more saturated, higher gain sort of distortion and because i've been playing through a solid state that covered all my distortion and over drive needs, i've got depressingly little experience.

Now, the two main pedals I'm looking at are the Vox Satchurator, and Boss OD3. I love the tones both of them pushed out of demo amps at GC but I'm concerned that they'll cover up all of that nice thick tube mojo coming out of my amp, *especially* in the case of the satchurator.

I'd just like to know if my fears of destroying my tone with a high-gain pedal are spot on, or more unfounded; and if the pedals i'm looking at would be a good choice.

Tl;Dr: i'm looking for a pedal to push my amp out of Jack White/ Jimmy Page territory distortion, and get a touch closer to Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani distortion without destroying the tube harmonics and such. Thoughts /suggestions?
you should look at wampler pedals. I absolutely love the only one i've ever heard in person. The plextortion, which absolutely nailed the plexi tone which would get your jack white/page area, and it will do paul gilbert's recent tones. Also, you should maybe look at their pinnacle, nails EVH's brownsound which is kinda like a suped up plexi. Might do the trick.
The thing is i can already *do* jack white and Jimmy page as it stands. Shit, i'm using Jack's Amp's baby brother (EXACT same as his 1485, but 30 watts quieter, mercifully). I just need to push *more* without killing my tone
I think you should check out the TS9, TS9DX, or the TS808, all by Ibanez. They are all vintage "reissues", but Ibanez claim they use the exact same components, built in the same factory as the originals. I have the TS9 and it is a great pedal with excellent tone, ESPECIALLY with tube amps. It would be the best $99 bucks you ever spent.

I have never actually used a DX($105)or an 808($170), but based on the research I did before buying the TS9 they are all great pedals with different ICs that slightly vary the tone. The 9DX has a hot overdrive and turbo overdrive for a wide variety of tones. But the 9 while cheaper suited me perfectly, but I am not into shredding and not a huge fan of heavy metal and tunning down.
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The OD-3 is not a high gain pedal. It is an overdrive pedal. I second the Wampler suggestions. Gilbert and Satch's tones can be covered by a British sounding high gain.
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