some guy is wanting to trade me his hartke amp.the only info he gave is that it is a hartke 100watt 2x12 tube combo(i asked for more info).

#1 does anyone have any idea which amp it could be?
#2 is hartke a good brand?
#3 are they good high gain amps for (could they do death metal?)
I don't think Hartke makes any true tube amps, most likely it is a hybrid (tube in the preamp- solid state power amp). They're mostly known for their bass amps (which, the ones I've played have been killer), I've never tried their guitar amps...From what I do know about them though, I think you're probably looking at a rather cheap valvestate copy (my guess would be minus the tone). Best thing you could do is try it out. I would almost guarantee that there's no way it can do death metal on its own you would need a pedal or two. Might want to see how it handles pedals but I would imagine it takes them alright...