I've got an Epiphone Special II les paul Jr. style. the bridge studs are the same as the stop bar studs on a les paul or SG style. I bought a Badass Wraparound bridge for it so i can intonate the guitar better but the bridge will only fit the studs provided with the bridge and those studs are a different thread than the bushings in the guitar. i figure this is because the new studs are the same thread as a gibson bushing. will the gibson bushings fit in the holes for the epiphone bushings? i dont mind changing the bushings but if they are different diameters its a pain...
no, Gibson will most likely be using imperial measurements while epiphone will be using metric. And the bushings may be the same diameter, if not, get a dowl the same size as the old holes, glue it in, clamp it, let it sit, then re drill the new holes.


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